Council Information

The Parish Council agree their meeting dates at each Annual Parish Council Meeting which takes place in May each year. Members of the Public are welcome to attend these meetings and can address the Council at the outset of the meeting for approximately 2 minutes. Should you need longer than 2 minutes then please contact the clerk at least 4 days prior to the meeting date by telephoning 01928 787469 or emailing who will ensure you have sufficient time

Norley Parish Council 2021/22 Meeting Dates – to be held at the NCK Centre in Norley, starting at 7.00 pm

    Wednesday 5th January 2022

    Thursday 10th February 2022

    Wednesday 16th March 2022

    Wednesday 27th April 2022

    Wednesday 25th May 2022

    Wednesday 29th June 2022

    Wednesday 27th July 2022

    Monday 5th September 2022

    Tuesday 25th October 2022

    Wednesday 23rd November 2022

    Planning Applications

    Planning applications received by the Parish Council can be found in the minutes of the meetings.




    Parish Councillor Register of Interests Forms

    2021/22 Chair’s Report