August 2023 SID Reports

The percentage of vehicles exceeding the speed limit on Ashton Road, Delamere Road and School Bank has decreased slightly from the July figures. Although vehicles continue to speed through Norley.

Ashton Road
43.3% of vehicles exceeded the 30 mph speed limit. The maximum exit speed was 68.3 mph.

Delamere Road
45% of vehicles exceeded the 30 mph speed limit on Delamere Road with a max speed of over 60 mph.

Fingerpost Lane
In general vehicles on Fingerpost Lane adhere to the speed limit with only 4.2% exceeding the 40 mph speed limit in August.

Norley Road
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Fingerpost Lane – Aug 2023

School Bank – Aug 2023

Ashton Road – Aug 2023

Delamere Road – Aug 2023

School Bank
49% of vehicles exceeded the 20 mph speed limit on School Bank in August with one vehicle travelling 37 mph in this 20 mph