Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 22/06/16


Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 22/06/16 7pm Norley Methodist Church

14. Apologies
Councillor Ford and Councillor Fayle, Councillor Sturt, and Cheshire West & Chester Councillor Oultram sent their apologies.

15. Present
Councillor O’Connor, Councillor Crawford, Councillor Harvey, Councillor Stockton, Councillor Wild and Councillor Querelle attended the meeting.

16. The Council initialled a copy of the minutes of Norley Annual Parish Council of 10/05/16; these will be approved at the next meeting due in 2017.

17. Approval of the Minutes of Norley Annual Parish Council Meeting of 10/05/16.
The minutes of Norley Annual Parish Council meeting of 10/05/16 were approved.

18. Matters arising from the minutes of Norley Annual Parish Council meeting of 10/05/16.
(i) Clerk is currently updating Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.
(ii) Clerk has received emails from Mark Jones Highways stating he is unable to confirm when the Highway work in the village will commence at this time. Clerk to seek the support of Cheshire West & Chester Councillor to try to determine a time frame with Highways.
(iii) Clerk has received information from Equity Housing with regard to funding; Clerk will complete funding application as instructed by the company, seeking support for 2 mobile speed indicator devices for the village.
(iv) Clerk reported that the last application made for Yew Tree House, High Street was approved in February 2015 reserved condition 3 for planning permission 12/018/16/FUL two storey side extension.
(v) Email received from Paul Thomas Natural England informing the Council that following a site visit he is happy to report that the Hives have been moved on Flaxmere as he requested, and are now on a less sensitive area.
(vi) Clerk instructed to ask Cheshire Police that now they have monitored speeding in the village whether this would now warrant mobile speed camera signs?

19. Planning Applications
16/01936 Moss Farm Yearsley Lane Norley
Conversion and extension of existing farm storage building to domestic garaging and agricultural storage. The Parish Council have no objections to this conversion but a condition should be stipulated that this remains an agricultural building and not changed to a residential dwelling.

16/02110/FUL Demolition of conservatory, erection of a two storey rear extension and single storey front extension Spring House, West View Road – No objections


20. Decisions
Minstead Blakemere Lane single storey extension including a dorma-window and alterations– Approved

21. Correspondence
(i) Emails received from a number of residents on Cow Lane asking for the Council’s support in applying for a reduction of speed limits due to H&S concerns. Council supported this request, Clerk instructed to inform Mark Jones Highways. The Council understands that if approved by Highways the Council would need to meet 50% of the costs.
(ii) Invitation from Rose Rowland regarding their Open Evening on 28/06/16
(iii) Email received from Sharon Marshall CWAC providing information following Norley’s ‘mini impact day’ and highlighting the Pink Poo Campaign. Councillor Wild will seek volunteers via Norley News.

22. Accounts
(i) Mr A Davies £30 approved for payment
(ii) Gordon Pennington Salary Calculation Services £160.00 approved for payment
(iii) Open Space Society £45.00 approved for payment
(iv) Norley News Grant £300.00 approved for payment
(v) HMRC £70.20 May approved for payment
(vi) Mrs M Rosney £280.80 salary May approved for payment

23. Any other Business
(i) Clerk instructed to follow up the Council’s request to take over the responsibility of the village green.
(ii) Clerk instructed to write to Planning explaining that it has come to the Council’s attention that there is anti social behaviour at the Jewish School and the site is deteriorating. As the Parish Council supported the last application, could they provide an update on the progress of this application?
(iii) Council signed letter instructing the bank for 3 replacement statements and a 2nd letter asking them to change clerks address.

The Meeting finished at 8.20pm

Signed/ Dated