Report on Memorial Garden 20th June 2018

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  • The verges, meander paths, area around plaque strip along paved path have been mowed.
  • The paved path has been weeded and treated with herbicide.
  • The log bank has been moved to its final position and needs turfing.
  • Weeding of docks, ragwort cherry suckers have taken place.
  • The sacks of leaf mould have now been spread on the cyclamen areas. A proper leaf mould cage will be constructed before the autumn.
  • Plants including teasles cowslips and poppies have been planted
  • A very useful visit was paid last month by Hilary Ash CWT botanist. Her report will be sent to the PC once it is received. However her solution to having a both a spring wildflower meadow and a mown “lawn” will I consider be an acceptable compromise
  • To this end the meadow will be mown with scythes in July and then subsequently mechanically mown until September
  • Research is being undertaken to provide a lectern with provision of “changeable” information sheets under Perspex See the email for example
  • The sign “Wildlife Haven” (attached to the email) looks to be the one that shows that the “unkempt”, look is intended. Research is being undertaken to establish cost source etc.
  • Visit by contractor to establish cost of path (and path in Church wood) has now taken place. A report on this and the draft grant application (once source chosen) will be forwarded to the PC. Subject to the terms of some Grant conditions it is likely that further discussion as to who should apply will be necessary.
    Further work additional to that itemised above viz clearing rubbish, moving remaining brash etc will be undertaken.

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Phil Gifford
NWG Chair

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