Minutes of Norely Parish Council Meeting March 2016


Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 30/03/16 7pm Norley Methodist Hall

85. Apologies
Councillor Crawford, Councillor Querelle and Cheshire West & Chester Councillor Oultram sent their apologies.

86. Present
Councillor O’Connor, Councillor Wild, Councillor Harvey, Councillor Stockton, Councillor Strurt, Councillor Ford and Mr Ken Fayle attended the meeting along with 2 parishioners.

87. Declarations of interest
No declarations of interest were made

88. Parish Council Vacancy
The Council co-oped Mr Ken Fayle on to the Council and the chairman welcomed him. Councillor Foyle signed his Acceptance to Office form and returned the completed Register of Members Interest form to clerk. A copy of the Code of Conduct and book detailing responsibilities was issued to Councillor Fayle.

89. Approval of the Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 16/02/16
The minutes were approved subject to the following amendments:-
Clerk had made an error on page numbers and minute numbers which she will correct and circulate new copies to members

90. Matters arising from the minutes of Norley parish Council Meeting of 16/02/16
(i) The whole of the WWI garden has now been reseeded. Clerk instructed to invite Norley Wildlife Group to the next meeting of the Parish Council to allow discussion on whether this site could be placed in the Groups control for a period of 12 months.
(ii) Site meeting with Highways has been arranged for 13/04/16 3.30pm Norley Methodist Hall.
(iii) Clerk instructed to check whether the Hives on Flaxmere have been moved.
(iv) Partner Construction is considering purchasing a mobile speed sign for the village but is waiting to determine what the Housing Authority will contribute. Further information to follow concerning this item. The hedge will be reinstated behind Cheshire Railings at this site. The grass verge will be replaced with a pavement.

91. Planning Applications
16/01193/OUT Demolition of existing garage, workshop plus external storage area and subsequent development of one detached dwelling with new access. Garravogue School Bank. Norley Parish Council objects to the above application as it does not comply with policies contained in the recently ‘made’ Norley Neighbourhood Plan which now forms part of the Development Plan.

Contrary to the comment in the pre-application advice section of the application form, this site is located in the Green Belt. The site also sits within the Norley Settlement Boundary.


The Norley Neighbourhood Plan (NNP) Policy HOU 1 provides limited scope for new housing in two specific circumstances:

- HOU1 A ); within the Settlement Boundary, infill development of up to two dwellings on a small gap in an otherwise built up frontage will be supported. However the development site is not on a built up frontage and does not therefore meet the definition of infill ie it is ‘backfill’ which is not supported by NNP.

- HOU1 B ); throughout Norley Parish, NNP provides scope for re-development of previously developed land for housing. The buildings to be replaced are within the curtilage of, and ancillary to, an existing dwelling (Garravogue) but NPPF Annex 2 explicitly excludes land such as private residential gardens from the definition of previously developed land. Therefore this policy does not provide any justification for the proposal.  The proposal is materially larger than both the buildings to be replaced and the adjoining Garravogue residence, and represents an increased scale of development which is contrary to HOU 3.

The proposal does not meet any of the NPPF/Local Plan exceptions to the presumption against development in the Green Belt and therefore represents inappropriate development which NNP policies would endorse. There are no other special circumstances that would outweigh this view and the NNP Examiner confirmed that there was an adequate supply of housing sites with planning permission to meet the housing needs of this parish.

16/00507/FUL Hayden Lodge, Brown Moss Pool, conversion of double garage to form a home office – no objections

92. Decisions
FieldHead Gallowsclough Lane, 16 1.6m x 1m renusol console solar panels located in the garden area to the rear of property – approved

The Cottage Flaxmere, replacement dwelling – approved

Land adjacent to Redcot School Bank, variation of condition 6 application 14/03127/FUL – approved

93. Correspondence
(i) Sarah Dobbins had been invited to attend this meeting to discuss 106 funding but sent her apologies. Councillor O’Connor will follow this matter up with Sarah.
(ii) Email received from Highways requesting comments regarding a proposal to divert footpath No. 7. Clerk instructed to forward this to Bruce Lane to see if the Walking Group had any objections. Parish Council had no objections to this proposal.
(iii) Email received from Lesley Back regarding leylandii trees. Clerk instructed to ask Mrs Back for the name of the lady who visited the site from Cheshire West & Chester Council?
(iv) Email received from Cheshire Wildlife Trust asking whether the Council had any objections to moth surveys being completed on Flaxmere. The Council had no objections.


94. Accounts
(i) Cheshire Association of Local Councils training £50 passed for payment
(ii) Letter received from Rose Rowland explaining she is taking over the accounts from Gordon Pennington following his retirement. Gordon will remain as a consultant to Rose Rowland & Co. Clerk instructed to sign and return form instructing Rose Rowland & Co to continue to administer clerk’s salary on behalf of the Council.
(iii) Mrs M Rosney £235.70 salary 01/02/16 to 28/02/16 passed for payment
(iv) HMRC tax Feb 2016 £58.80 passed for payment
(v) Email received from Cheshire Association of Local Councils explaining that grant for transparency funding has been approved of £689.20. Clerk instructed to purchase a laptop for the Council once funding received.
(vi) Email received from Norley Bowling Club requesting funding once they determine what funding they require. Clerk to inform them that any application they wish to make must be in writing and the Council will consider it at that time.

95. Any other Business
(i) Clerk instructed to display information on how parishioners can apply for Affordable Houses at School bank on notice board and Village Stores.
(ii) Councillor Ford is taking forward the possible infringement on Flaxmere. He reported on advice received from Surveyor.
(iii) Councillors agreed for names, address and email details to be displayed on the website.

The meeting finished at 8.45pm

Norley Parish Council