Norley Parish Council Highways Meeting 13/04/16


Norley Parish Council Highways Meeting 13/04/16 3.30pm Norley Methodist Church

1. Present
Councillor Harvey, Councillor Stockton, Councillor Wild, Councillor Querelle, Councillor Crawford, Councillor Sturt, Mile Jones Cheshire West & Chester Highways, Nick lee and 3 parishioners

Discussion took place concerning the funding available to address Highways Issues in the village and the main area’s which the Council wished to prioritise.

The following points of action were agreed:-

1. Mike agreed that to reduce speed limit on Hough Lane outside the school would cost approx in region of £1500. He explained that there were steps being taken following new regulations to reduce speed limits outside schools to 20 MPH without the cost needing to be met by Parish Councils. Mark agreed to find out where Norley were on this list of work. If the Council agreed to cover the cost this work could be undertaken now, Mark to determine time scale of when this work would be undertaken if Parish Council agreed to pay costs. Mark to find School policy document and forward to clerk.
2. Yellow lines at Cross roads at Hatchmere. Mark Jones provided map of where he proposed these lines should be. After some discussion it was agreed these should be extended, Mark took these away to consider, along with the proposal of having a bollard in the centre of this junction. Mark will confirm cost of installing bollard.
3. Blind corner at Village Stores. It was agreed that traffic calming was required 20 meters in both directions. Mark will look at this area, and consider reducing speed limits and possibility of raised speed tables/ humps. Mark will forward results of his investigation and costs involved.
4. Blakemere Lane. Mark explained that this stretch of road would need to be looked at in agreement with Oakmere and Delamere. Clerk instructed to seek their views. It was discussed that this stretch may require temporary smiley face signs and permanent speed reduction signs which the Council would be required to meet half of costs at approximately £6,500. Mark to take this forward. Mark reminded the Council that temporary smiley face signs can be borrowed from CWAC.
5. Clerk instructed to ask Cheshire Police for speed camera to be used in the village during spring and August bank holidays.
6. Pytchleys Hollow. New road signs have been obtained. These are not circular signs as there is a longer process in order to obtain these, but Mark feels the ones obtained will suffice. Mark explained he is considering making a traffic regulator application in the future.
7. Ashton Road. It was agreed that speed limits needed reducing to 30 MPH. Mark need to discuss this with Forestry Commission before this can be taken forward.
8. High Street was discussed. It was agreed there was no affordable solution. This may be covered under the Haulage Yard Development should this go ahead in the future.


It was agreed that work without cost to the Parish Council included:-
20MPH past school but with time restrictions
camera signs
loan and training of SIDS

Costs would need to be split with CWAC for any speed limit changes. Mark explained that bollard and raised speed table would need to be met in full by the Council.
Nick agreed to support the Council in drafting a table of work required which would support budget appraisals.

Meg Rosney