Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting February 2016


Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting 16/02/16 7pm Norley C of E School

77. Apologies
Councillor Ford and Cheshire West & Chester Councillor Oultram sent their apologies.

78. Present
Councillor O’Connor, Councillor Stockton, Councillor Crawford, Councillor Wild, Councillor Querelle, Councillor Sturt and Councillor Harvey attended the meeting.

79. Approval of Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 13/01/16
The Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 13/01/16 were approved.

80. Matters arising from the Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 13/01/16
(i) Email received from Phil Gifford explaining that WWI Garden will be reinstated. It is hoped that the whole site will not need reseeding.
(ii) Due to Councillor Ford’s absence, infringement on Common Land to be included on the agenda for the next meeting.
(iii) Norley News will run an article concerning the use of the village stores.
(iv) Re Min 69 (vi) Email received from CWAC explaining that the request had been made by a resident.
(v) Vacancy on Parish Council has been advertised.

81.  Approval of Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 20/01/16
The Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 20/01/16 were approved subject to the following amendment:-
Councillor Sturt did not attend the meeting and had sent his apologies.

82. Matters arising from the Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 20/01/16
(i) Clerk to arrange a site meeting with Highways and invite Nick Lee and all members of the Council.

83. Neighbourhood Plan
Cheshire West & Chester have now agreed with the Plan and the final meeting of Neighbourhood Planning Group will take place tomorrow. All information has been placed in a drop box which all Councillors now have access to.

84. Correspondence
(i) Email from Natural England requesting that Council sign declaration that they are happy with NE permission for bee hives to remain on Flaxmere. Clerk instructed to explain that Council would not sign form until the conditions stipulating that hives are moved before March 2016 had been met.


(ii) Email received from Bob Jones volunteering to do a litter pick in the village. Clerk had informed him where he could obtain equipment. Councillor Crawford explained that their would be a village ‘Clean for the Queen’ litter pick on 05/03/16.
(iii) Email received from CWAC informing members of consultation to Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft, further information can be found at http://consult.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/portal/other/cil/pdcs
(iv) Members invited to a Love Your Streets, Love Kingsley event on 25/02/16
(v) Email received from Francis White highlighting his concerns re broad Band Speeds at Hatchmere. Whilst the Council supports the residents of Hatchmere they are unable to offer any financial assistance. Clerk instructed to write to BT to highlight the Councils concerns.
(vi) Email received from parishioners highlighting concerns over dog fouling in the village. Councillor Wild agreed to run an article in Norley News. Issues of dogs running about without owner highlighted to Council. Clerk instructed to write to owner.
(v) Email received from Play Ground Committee explaining the they thought they would receive an additional £1000 from New Homes Bonus. Clerk instructed to inform them that Council are happy to consider any request for grant funding which they wished to make, this must be for something specific and request quotes for any work/purchases that they wished to use the grant for.
(vi) Emails received from Parishioners asking which Housing Trust would be dealing with Affordable Housing element for site at School Bank. The name of the Housing Trust and contact details are located on the sign at this development.
(v) Email received from Partner Construction explaining for previous developments they have left a legacy at the end of the project explaining in other villages they had purchased Christmas tree lights and outdoor furniture and sought the Councils idea’s on something that they feel the village may wish to have? Clerk instructed to ask whether it would be possible for Partner to purchase a mobile speed sign for the village. Also to enquire whether hedge and grass verge would be reinstated and whether there will be a pavement at this location?

85. Accounts
(i) Mrs M Rosney £235.50 salary Jan 2016 approved for payment
(ii) Mrs M Rosney £21.83 expenses Jan 2016 approved for payment
(iii) HMRC £59.00 Jan 2016 approved for payment
(iv) Mr A Davies £180 tree cutting approved for payment
(v) Cheshire Community Action £50 Community Pride Competition approved for payment. Councillor Crawford and Councillor Wild will take this forward for the village.

The meeting finished at 8.40pm

Signed Dated
Norley Parish Council