Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting January 2016 2


Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 20/01/16 7pm Norley Methodist Hall

72. Apologies.
Council O’Connor, Cheshire West & Chester Councillor Oultram sent their apologies.

73. Present
Councillor Ford, Councillor Stockton, Councillor Harvey, Councillor Sturt, Councillor Crawford, Councillor Wild, Councillor Querelle, attended the meeting along with 48 parishioners.

74. Councillor Stockton.
Councillor Stockton explained the objective of the meeting was to discuss Highways issues in the village. He explained that Parishioners unable to attend the meeting had sent statements via email, which he highlighted for the benefit of those attending, along with issues that had been highlighted by the Parish Council. He explained that the Parish Council had funds available that they would use to address Highways issues in the village. He explained that after listening to parishioners comments the Council would agree away forward. The Parish Council had written to Mark Jones Highways Cheshire West & Chester Council, asking the following questions:-
1.  What financial responsibility does Highways have in regard to changing speed limits on roads and what costs are Parish Council’s expected to meet?
2. Whose financial responsibility is it to cover the cost of painting double yellow lines (in particular at the cross roads near Hatchmere)?
3. How much would it cost for the painting of lines on the road as a speeding calming method at the corner of School Bank and who would be responsible for the payment of this?
4. Whose responsibility it is to install “Welcome to Norley Village, please drive carefully through our village” Signs in the village and the process involved in arranging these for each approach road to the village?
5. What speeding data is required by Highways before speed limits can be reduced, in particular on Blakemere lane, Ashton Rd and High Street?

Mark Jones had replied :-
1. The community concerned is expected to meet 50% of a new speed limit; CWaC will meet the other 50%.  The community contribution can come from CWaC ward members’ budgets, the parish council, a third party benefactor or a combination of those three.
2. CWaC fund parking restrictions – we already have a draft proposal for this location, although it is some way down our priority list.
3. What sort of road markings are you referring to?  Please bear in mind that ‘rumble strips’ are not popular in residential area like School Bank because of the noise they create.
CWaC would arrange the installation of the signs, but Norley would have to pay for them (approx £500 each).  To start the process let us know where you would want the signs and what you want on them, then we can prepare a quote.


4. CWaC would collect the necessary data (not only speeding).  The process starts with a CWaC ward member or Parish Council requesting a speed limit review of a length of road, with a commitment to meet 50% of the costs of any changes that are necessary following the review. Clerk explained that Councillor Oultram had confirmed he would be happy to support any changes that the Parish Council wished to address.

The Council had asked Mark to clarify the following points:-
1. For a copy of the Policy where it changed that PC were expected to meet 50% costs?
2. How much would it be approximately to reduce speed limits on Ashton Road, Blakemere Lane and High Street, so that members can budget for it?
3. Council are considering rubble strips, do you any idea of cost of these at the Sharpe bend near village shop?

He had replied, enclosing a copy of the report which had been circulated to Parish Council members:-
The review of Ashton Road and Blakemere Lane is about 1.5km long so I anticipate a cost of approx £2,000.  We are not aware of a request to change the limit on High Street so I cannot guess what if anything would be changed and the cost of that work.

As stated in my previous e-mail, rumble strips are not appropriate in a residential area; I would not recommend them by the village shop.  They create a great deal of noise 24 hours a day.

75. Open Discussion
Parishioners were given the opportunity to voice their concerns and suggestions on Highways issues in the village. Clerk explained that Councillor Oultram had offered funding up to £500 to reduce the speed limits along Blakemere Lane if the Council decided that they wished to pursue this.

76. Parish Council to Agree a Highway Plan for Norley
The Council voted that the area’s in the village where speed reviews needed to take place:-

Blakemere Lane.  -The Council agreed to ask Highways to look to reduce speed limit on immediately as the necessary investigation work had already been completed to allow this to take place. Clerk to request £500 funding from Councillor Oultram’s Budget.
Ashton Road, Fingerpost Lane, Gallowclough Lane, High Street, Hough Lane, Marsh Lane and School Lane

The Council agreed that positioning of Speed signs in the village particularly on Marsh Lane were poor and needed addressing.


The Council would investigate the possibility of having a mini roundabout at Hatchmere cross roads

The Council would investigate the possibility of obtaining a mobile smiley face speed sign for use in the village.

The Council would investigate the possibility of installing a mini ‘around about’ at cross roads at Hatchmere. If not possible the Council would ask Highways to paint double yellow lines as a priority due to the number of accidents at this location.

The Council would investigate possible HGV restrictions at Pytchleys Hollow.

The Council agreed to take these matters forward, prioritising those that were most urgent and within budget restraints.

Council accepted the support from Nick Lee (parishioner) who has professional experience in highway issues/planning.

76. Precept
The Parish Council agreed to apply for a precept for 16/17 of £19,260, a 50% increase on previous year from Cheshire West & Chester Council.

The meeting finished at 8.45pm

Norley Parish Council