Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting January 2016 1


Minutes of Norley Parish Council meeting of 13/01/16 7pm Norley Methodist Hall

63. Apologies
Councillor Querelle

64. Present
Councillor Ford, Councillor O’Connor, Councillor Stockton, Councillor Crawford, Councillor Wild, Councillor Sturt, Councillor Harvey and Cheshire West & Chester Councillor Oultram attended the meeting.

65. Approval of the minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 11/11/15
The minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 11/11/15 were approved

66. Matters arising from the minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 11/11/15
(i) Clerk informed members that Website Company had everything they required to complete website.
(ii) Letter received from Phil Gifford apologising that WWI Garden had been treated with weed killer. Clerk to write and ask that Norley Wildlife Group reinstate this area explaining that before any further work is undertaken on this site, other than that already agreed with the Parish Council they must seek Council’s agreement.
(iii) Councillor Ford attended a site meeting at Flaxmere on 19/11/15 to investigate alleged infringement. These investigations are ongoing.
(iv) Highway meeting arranged for 20/01/16 7pm Norley Methodist Hall.
(v) Permission for the Community Police Base at Norley St Johns Church has been granted.

67. Norley Neighbourhood Plan
Martin Bell addressed the Council. On 14 October 2015, a meeting of the Cheshire West and Chester Council Cabinet decided that modifications should be made to the Norley Neighbourhod Plan, as set out in the examiner’s report, and the plan proceed to a referendum. The referendum was held on Thursday 3 December 2015, with a 95 percent vote in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan. The final stage in the process will be for Cheshire West and Chester Council to ‘make’ the neighbourhood plan, at which point it will form part of the Development Plan for the borough. Martin suggested that the plan be reviewed every 5 years. All supporting documents are in a drop box which the Parish Council will be given access to. 3 members of NNP Group, John Leleu, Tim Sheward and Martin have volunteered to support the Council ongoing. Housing surveys need to be reviewed as appropriate. The Parish Council stated how gratful they are for the hard work done over the past 3 years by all members of NNP Group.

68. Planning Applications

15/04977/LDC Lawful development to confirm garden as being within the domestic curtilage for a period in excess of 10 years at Garravogue School Bank – no objections


15/05220/FUL Erection of new dwelling at land adjacent to Fernbank – no objection

15/04964/FUL Loft conversion to form 1st floor accomodation and internal alterations to farm office Hatchmere Poultry Farm, Delamere Road – no objections

15/04967/FUL Demolition of outbuilding, proposed new single storey rear extension The Hollies School Bank – no objection

69. Correspondence
(i) Council agreed to register on Commissioners Website at a cost of £35.00 per year.
(ii) Clerk instructed to write to Marstons Brewery enquiring whether the Parish Council can take over responsibility for grass triangle
(iii) Email received inviting members to “Meet the Artist” open evening at Castle Park Arts Centre.
(iv) Email received from Public Right of Way seeking volunteers to inspect footpaths, Clerk instructed to inform Bruce Lane
(v) Letter of resignation received from Councillor Gordon Johnston. Clerk instructed to write and thank him for the support he gave to the Parish Council. Clerk instructed to advertise the post.
(vi) Email received from Sarah Dobbins asking about ownership off Gallowsclough Lane. Clerk to inform her that this is common land and ask who is enquiring?

70. Accounts
(i) New Homes Bonus received from CWAC £6685.00 on 04/12/15
(ii) Mrs M Rosney Salary £471.00 Nov & Dec 2015 approved for payment
(iii) Mrs M Rosney £75.00 Expenses Nov & Dec 2015 approved for payment
(iv) HMRC Nov & Dec 2015 £117.80 approved for payment
(v) Council agreed payment to Owner of Windy Ridge £50 for 2014 & 2015 power to Christmas tree, and £25 per year on-going. Clerk to write and ask whether she will accept this amount.

71. Any other Business
(i) Speed signs on Marsh lane were discussed, Clerk instructed to ask Highways to look at them.
(ii) Village Stores are struggling; parishioners are reminded that if they don’t use this facility then the village may lose it. Advertisement to be run in Norley News, once agreement sought from Village Stores Owner.
(iii) Clerk insturcted to obtain quote to have header put on notice board outside Tigers Head similar to that on the other notice boards.

The meeting finsihed at 8.40pm