Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting November 2015


Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 11/11/15 Norley Methodist Hall 7pm

51. Apologies
Councillor Crawford, Councillor O’Connor and Councillor Johnston sent their apologies.

52. Present
Councillor Sturt, Councillor Ford, Councillor Stockton, Councillor Harvey, Councillor Wild, Councillor Querelle and Cheshire West and Chester Councillor Oultram attended the meeting.

53. Declarations of Interests
No declarations of interest were made.

54. Approval of the minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 30/09/15.
The minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 30/09/15 were approved subject to the following amendment item 42 should read dwelling not swelling.

55. Matters arising from the minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 30/09/15.
(i) Draft website has been approved by members
(ii) Clerk instructed to write and thank Rock Graphics for the outstanding repairs to the village notice boards.
(iii) Letters from Phil Gifford read aloud for members, Councillor Wild agreed to speak with him in person.
(iv) Councillor Ford will attend a site meeting on Flaxmere on 19/11/15 to investigate possible infringement.

56. Approval of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 01/10/15
The Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 01/10/15 were approved.

57. Matters arsing from the Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 01/10/15
(i) Clerk to arrange a Village Meeting mid January, to allow for the discussion of Highway issues in the village. Clerk to invite Mark Jones and Councillor Oultram. Clerk to display notice of this meeting in Norley News, Norley Village Stores, Notice Boards, and on lampposts around the village. Councillor Stockton agreed to get A4 posters laminated for this purpose.

58. Sergeant Steve Watson
Sergeant Watson gave a presentation on Community Police Bases and his proposal for holding one at St Johns Meeting Room. St Johns PCC have already given their permission for this. Parish Council gave their full support. Clerk to check that the Hall has internet connection.


59. Planning Applications
15/04240/S73 Variation of condition 2 to 14/02175/FUL to amend layout of stables – Norley Parish Council have no objections but this must be made out of temporary materials to protect Greenbelt.

15/04486/FUL single storey rear extension and single storey front extension – no objections

60. Decisions
Two storey side extensions, Redlands Ashton Road – approved

Single storey rear extension Little Gables Norley Hall Farm – approved

Retrospective application for an existing roof and proposed hard standing. Land opposite Vistula, Post Office Lane – approved

Erection of a pair of two storey semi-detached houses Crown Inn Stores – refused

61. Correspondence
(i) Invitation to CWAC Community Energy Conference 14/11/15
(ii) Invitation to SLCC workshop on Transparency regulations
(iii) Email from Gina Jones asking Clerk to display notification to villagers of Norley Neighbourhood Plan referendum on 03/12/15
(iv) Thank you letters from the School, Norley Wild life Group, and Scouts for funding.

62. Accounts
(i) Clerk issued members with Financial Appraisal and Budget information, the Council agreed budget for 16/17 see attached.
(ii) Council agreed to increase Clerk’s salary to £4212.00 PA to be reviewed annually
(iii) Rock Graphics £792.00 approved for payment
(iv) NNP Grant £700.00 approved for payment
(v) Parish On-line £33.60 approved for payment
(vi) Cheshire Association of Local Councils £50.00 approved for payment
(vii) Mrs M Rosney Salary £235.70 Oct 2015 approved for payment
(viii) Mrs M Rosney Expenses £49.36 approved for payment
(ix) HMRC Oct 2015 £58.80 approved for payment

The meeting finished at 9.40pm