Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting October 2015


Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting of 01/10/15 Norley C of E School

46. Apologies
Councillor Ford, Councillor Wild and Cheshire West & Chester Councillor Oultram sent their apologies

47. Present
Councillor O’Connor, Councillor Crawford, Councillor Stockton, Councillor Harvey, Councillor Johnston, Councillor Querelle and Councillor Sturt attended the meeting along with 14 parishioners.

48. Chairman’s Address
Councillor O’Connor explained that the objective of the meeting was to hear Parishioners idea’s on how the £4600 106 Funding should be spend in the village. She explained that she intended to allow open discussion, before the Council would make their decisions.

49. Open Discussion
Open discussion took place. The areas requiring funding included School Pond Area, Playground, Scouts, Village Hall, Telephone Box, Signs for Village, and Wild Flowers Project in the village. Traffic was raised as a concern, it was agreed that the Council would hold a separate meeting in the village after they had undertaken some further research. Parishioners would be invited to attend this meeting to discuss what traffic calming methods should be used and where they would like these. Clerk instructed to arrange a meeting.

50. The Council agreed that this funding should be used to over the cost of:-
(i) Norley Wild Life Group £762.00 Notice Board passed for payment
(ii) £1000 to Play Ground Committee had already been agreed and passed for payment at the Parish Council meeting of 30/09/15.
(iii) Norley Village Hall £1000 passed for payment
(iv) Norley Wild Life Group £175.00 for survey costs passed for payment
(v) Ann Crawford Telephone Box £50 passed for Payment
(vi)Norley Scouts £1000 passed for payment.
(v) Norley C of E School £1000.00. Councillor O’Connor to inform clerk who cheque should be made out to.

The Meeting finished at 8.40pm

Chairman Norley Parish Council