Minutes of Norley Parish Council Meeting June 2015


Minutes of Norley parish Council Meeting of 23/06/15 7pm Norley C of E School

17. Apologies
Councillor Stockton, Councillor Sturt, and Cheshire West & Chester Councillor Oultram sent their apologies

18. Present
Councillor O’Connor, Councillor Wild, Councillor Crawford, Councillor Ford, Councillor Querelle, Councillor Harvey and Councillor Johnston attended the meeting along with 5 parishioners.

19. Declarations of Interest
Councillor Querelle declared an interest in Min No 22,  Jewish School and Councillor Ford declared an interest in Min No. 22, 5 The Spinney, neither of these Councillors took part in any discussion concerning these items.

20. Approval of the minutes of Norley Annual Parish Council Meeting of 21/05/15
The minutes were approved subject to the following amendments:-
Councillors present signed their Acceptance to Office forms and these were returned to clerk.
Councillor Johnston agreed to look at street name signs that needed attention.

21. Matters arising from the minutes of Norley Annual Parish Council Meeting of 21/05/15
(i) Clerk explained it was not possible to book Parish Council Meetings at school on Monday and Tuesday evenings, meetings for the forthcoming year will be held at the school on Tuesdays and Methodist Hall on Wednesday evenings. All members issued with a list of meeting dates. Clerk instructed to check that heating would be on during the winter months.
(ii) Clerk has informed Phil Brandreth of future meetings dates and locations.
(iii) Clerk to arrange a site meeting with highways regarding speed restriction in the village.
(iv) Clerk provided examples to Councillors of other websites that Rabbit digital has created. It was agreed to employ Rabbit digital to create the Parish Council website at a cost of £350.00 plus £60 PA for uploading minutes for 9 meetings per year and any routine maintenance, such as software updates.  Clerk to arrange for him to meet with Councillor Crawford and Councillor Wild to take this forward.
(v) New Home Bonus, clerk has received some requests for funding from village groups, she was instructed to ask how much each group requires.
(vi)  Playground Insurance. Quotation received from Zurich Insurance, which includes cost of insuring the playground at a fixed rate for 3 years of £851.58 inclusive of VAT. Clerk instructed to ask Playground committee if they were happy for the Parish Council to proceed with this, and insure the playground instead of issuing £1000 self insurance grant?
(vii) Clerk to arrange meeting for Councillor O’Connor and Playground Committee member to meet with Sue Fernandes CWAC regarding 106 funding.
(viii) Clerk to take 2 contractors on site visits to obtain quotations to paint Cheshire Railings in the village.


22. Planning Applications
15/02219/fFUL Detached dwelling Foxhill Blakemere Lane – no objections

15/02467/FUL Erection of single storey rear extension and first floor side extension 5 The Spinney – no objections

15/02568/OUT Proposed development of 2 self contained two storey dwellings land adjacent to Crabmill lane – This is not an infill site but Green Belt and does not satisfy any current planning policy for dwellings on Green Belt. This does not comply with Norley Neighbourhood Plan. It is an inappropriate application on a small narrow lane.

15/02513/FUL Erection of replacement dwelling Ivy Cottage Flaxmere – no objections but as this is adjacent to a SSSI site Natural England and Cheshire Wild Life Trust must be consulted prior to any decision being made by Cheshire West & Chester Council.

Cheshire West & Chester informed the Council that Planning Application at Jewish School Blakemere Lane was going to an appeal. Council had no further comments which they wished to make.

23. Correspondence
(i) Email received from Phil Gifford updating members on Wildflower Memorial Walk.
(ii) Email received from James Keable with regard to speeding in the village see minutes no 23 (iii).
(iii) Email received from Linda Green re poor condition of notice boards in the village. Council Harvey to obtain quotes to replace all 3 notice boards in the village.
(iv) Email received from CWAC informing members that further information will be received regarding Transparency Fund Project.
(v) Email received from Lesley Back raising concerns over leylandii trees, clerk to inform her that the Parish Council would again ask Planning Enforcement at CWAC to contact her regarding this.

24. Accounts
(i) Norley Parish Council approved the Parish Council Accounts for 14/15 year
(ii) Payment of £45.00 Open Space Society passed for payment
(iii) Payment for £181.00 Election fees Cheshire West & Chester Council passed for payment
(iv) Payment of £80.00 Mr A Davies passed for payment

25. Any Other Business
(i) Councillor Crawford provided an update on Best Kept Village Competition.

The meeting finished at 8.43pm

Norley Parish Council